5 reasons to do the internship in Japan in spring

Japan is beautiful all-year-round, you can enjoy beach in summer and skiing in winter, eat seasonal food and of course travel. Though it is still winter, but spring is not that far away!

So what is special about doing the internship in spring?

1. First, Japanese fiscal year starts in April, so many companies want to hire new staff to start at that time. In fact, some companies hire in April only! Then, the school year in Japan also starts in April, that is why all young graduates, who usually graduate in March, do their best to find a job before the start of the new year and become new employees. Thus, if you also come for the internship at that time you will have 仲間 (“Nakama” – friends, companions) who also make their fist steps to the career.

2. From January to May it is a high season for different job fairs, seminars, professional events. As it was said, all new graduates are trying to get hired at that time. So, if you are interested in learning about Japanese job market, looking for an internship or job in Japan – it is a good timing to check for career opportunities.

3. Spring is the time of Sakura blossom and “hanami” (eating/drinking outside while enjoying the beautiful sakura trees). Companies often organize “corporate hanami”, so that you can socialize with your colleagues, learn more about the culture and just enjoy the first warm days!

4. Spring is very convenient in terms of weather conditions: it is getting warmer, so you can wear a suit without being cold or hot. In fact, you can see a huge crowd of young employees in black suits who are either commuting to work or are busy with job interviews to finally get a position at the company.

5. Many companies start publishing new internship positions in the beginning of the year, so there will be more options to choose from in spring!

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