How to prepare for an online internship?

Online Internships are really popular these days. If you are going to participate in one, do you know the best way to get the most out of this experience? Today we explain how you can do it in 3 steps!

1. Research about the company

Once you know the company where you will be working, it is very important you do everything you can to learn about them before you start the internship. You should read their website and learn about their products or services, their company’s work culture, how many offices they have and where they are located, etc. Remember there is only one first impression, so you want to look prepared on the first day of your internship.


2. Avoid technical problems

Before you start the online internship, make sure that you have a good internet connection, all the software you need is installed, and camera and microphone are working correctly.  If your computer is too slow this may affect the quality of you work and it will also make you feel less comfortable when working, so try to close other applications which you don’t need. You can even create a different account used only for work to login when you start the computer, so you can also avoid other distractions.

3. Choose a good location

You should work from a place which is comfortable for you, where you can sit for a few hours and is quiet and allows to focus on your job. You may have online meetings with your superiors or even clients, so also try to choose a place with a good background which is tidy and looks professional. Also you should have a notebook and a pen nearby to take notes and to-do lists.

If you follow these easy 3 steps we are sure that you will have everything ready to start an online internship. The experience and confidence you will get after the internship definitely will be worth it!