Marketing Internship in Japan

Nowadays internships have become a very important step in career building and one of the most popular ways of getting international exposure and experience.

This is particularly true when it comes to international marketing or PR industry, because more and more companies in Japan are willing to enter the international market and explore the opportunities abroad.

That is why the number of foreign employees in Japan is growing and there are more and more programs for interns developed be companies.


Here are 5 reasons why marketing internship in Japan will be beneficial for you and serve as a great start for the professional career:



Interns will gain a unique international experience in one of the most developed countries in Asia. They will learn how to combine modern strategies with traditional Japanese approach.


Marketing internship in Japan will help to learn cultural differences and help to explore further opportunities for personal growth.


Get to know Japanese business manners, office etiquette, etiquette with clients etc. which will help to become a bridge between the cultures later on.


Most of the marketing or PR internships in Japan require business English skills along with other languages, so it is a chance to work in a challenging multilingual environment which will become a solid foundation for the future career.


Internship in Japan is a great plus to the resume, especially if you aim at becoming an international marketer! Japan has a reputation of strict working environment, precise tasks, unique business culture – having experienced all these you will become a successful candidate for any marketing department in your home country.




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