Tokyo Lights – Winter 2018

As the season transcends into winter here in Japan, the weather is getting colder, but the nights are becoming much brighter. The reason for that is thanks to the Tokyo “Illuminations”, or Tokyo Lights for short. It is basically Japan showing its Christmas spirit by lighting up areas all around the cities, as well as restaurants, and even whole amusement parks. These attractions are definitely a sight to see during your winter holiday stay here in Tokyo! And luckily we have just the information to share with you as all the fun starts. Check out the top illumination attractions below:

1. Yomiuri Land
Duration: 11/16 to 3/3
Tokyo’s largest amusement park perks up this winter, blushing red, white, blue, green, and every other color this year with its Christmas illuminations! Not only can you enjoy the many rollercoasters & rides, but also be taken to another world by the winter wonderland. We can confidently say that it gets better and better every year. This is the place you go to with a large group of friends to get lost together and relive those childhood memories, while making many new ones!

Yomiuri Land


2. Tokyo German Village
Duration: 11/1 to 4/7
“Tokyo German Village” is not actually in Tokyo… It’s not even close, to be honest. But does that mean it’s bad? No. Does that mean it’s not worth the trip? No. Far from no! This is definitely one of the top overall experiences during the winters in Japan. Tokyo German Village does well to its name in preparing traditional German dishes (and sausages of many varieties) to keep your stomachs filled during the winter celebrations. The restaurant sits atop the highest point of the hill in the German Village, and it’s almost dream-like eating and drinking atop it as you gaze out at the lights and hear the laughter of the families and children running around– truly a Christmas-time experience.

Tokyo German Village

3. Caretta Shiodome
Duration: 11/15 to 2/14
Hailed as one of the best light displays in Tokyo, the Caretta is sure to please any Christmas-lover. There will even be Disney performances in the stylings of Frozen & Tangled during the peak hours. If you’re craving a sky-top view of the light show also, it’s very much possible! Feel free to check out Caretta’s 47th floor restaurants and let the Christmas lights warm you from down up as you cheers to the coming New Year.

Caretta Shiodome

4. Tokyo Midtown
Duration: 11/13 to 12/25
Midtown is always a sea of bodies among the lights, with cameras going off here and there. But we are sure the view itself will become a snapshot for life in your memories, from the ethereal blue hues of the Christmas illuminations.

Tokyo Midtown

5. Ebisu Garden Place
Duration: 11/3 to 2/28
Ebisu is a town of many walks: from happening restaurants to business-men decked in suits, but one thing is certain– it is sure to appeal to anyone who comes its way! That is made even more clear this winter with the gorgeous decorations among its Ebisu Garden Place promenade. As if this area wasn’t an oasis in the middle of the city already, now it has been decorated in its winter get-up of lights and even huge chandeliers that you will be able to spot from quite the distance. Luckily, there are also many good restaurants and bars in the area where you can take in the soulful winter views. For those lucky couples who can afford it, the Westin Hotel Tokyo is also walking distance from this beauty.

Ebisu Garden Place

6. Shibuya Stream
Duration: 11/15 – 1/31
This is the newest spot among its contenders! While it may not be decked out in lights-galore, it definitely makes up for it with its futuristic approach, including both lights and sounds perfectly in sync. You can even make your own part of the music by using one of the many bells that they’ve provided! Not only that– you can enjoy these views & sounds from one of the many delicious restaurants/cafes nearby. It is an open air area, so it will also appeal to those whom would like to feel the refreshing winds of winter as they down their meticulously crafted drinks and warm food. The tastes vary from American-style burgers to Mediterranean magic to authentic Japanese & Korean dishes.

Shibuya Stream

7. Sagamiko Pleasure Forest
Duration: 11/3 – 4/7
With its questionable name, you might think this amusement park to be something of another nature, but we assure you that it is just a place for good ‘ol fun! Sagamiko Pleasure Forest is another far-out illumination spot, but with distance also comes brilliance. Home to merry-go-rounds, tree-tops zip-lining, hot springs, and even overnight cabins– Sagamiko is definitely a pleasure at any time of the day! The winter illumination go on as long as April 2019, into the sakura season.

Sagamiko Pleasure Forest

We wish you happy winter holidays this Christmas season!