Internship in Japan Intern study 6

Why doing an Internship in Japan?

Working in a Japanese company can definitely become the most challenging part of the internship.

Business etiquette in Japan is a thing to learn, even Japanese university graduates have to attend 1-2 day course where basics about working in a company are explained. How to exchange name cards, how to greet your colleagues, how to answer the phone, how to understand when “difficult” means just “difficult” and when it means “no”, how to agree and disagree, how to read between the lines and how not to be rude accidentally. Understanding Japanese business traditions and thinking will help you if your dream is to do business in Asia or work for a Japanese company in the future.

Then, even if you do not plan to bond your future career with Asia, an internship in Japan will be an exciting challenge, which will help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses, contributing to the development of your skills.

For many Japanese people company is a second family (sometimes it even is the only family). Overtime work, hanging out with colleagues after work, company lunches, inviting your boss to your wedding and so on are very common practices in Japan. It is a total commitment, which is hard to find in any other nation. As an intern, you will not have to do the same, but being in this environment will help you to understand Japanese values and thinking. Such knowledge will definitely help you in the future, even if you will never come back here again. Living in a different business culture will help to see your own culture from a new angle opening your mind and giving new opportunities for the development.

Japanese companies are extremely responsible, that is why even to accept an intern for 1 month they choose a candidate carefully. For many companies an intern is considered to be a potential employee, so that they want to be sure that the right person is picked. Although an internship does not necessarily lead to hiring, it is considered as something as important as selecting a new staff. For the same reason, your supervisor will try to do his/her best to teach you new things, to support and to always keep you busy with something. You will learn a lot, so be ready to give your time and skills in return.

A new line in your resume will definitely make it stronger and more appealing to potential employers. However, it will not only be a small addition on paper, but internship experience in Japan will change your thinking and make you see new opportunities in your home country too. Some ideas or must-do which you thought were common and natural in your home country will no longer feel like that, instead by seeing and discovering new options in Japan, you will be able to compare and to develop new better ways of running a business or treating a client.

Also, an internship will help you to understand what you want to do in your life and build a successful career. Growing is impossible without challenges, because by dealing with every next challenge you make a new step in your personal development. That is why an internship in Japan will be beneficial both for your future career and your personality!