Cost of living in Japan

Life in Japan, like everywhere else, can be both cheap and expensive, mostly depending on the preferences of each. Your lifestyle will greatly influence your expenses. From the experience of someone who has been to 20 countries, including both very expensive and very cheap ones, I would say that living here is somewhere in the middle. Much more expensive than in Western Asia, much cheaper than in Northern Europe and the USA. To make things simpler, I will leave here a price list for necessities , and in the following I will talk about less necessary activities that take place in the life of young adults and what is their price. 

Food /Groceries

Rice (5 kg) - 1,972 yen   Water (2 liters) - 120 yen  Bread (1 kg) - 479 yen   Milk (1,000 ml) - 212 yen   Eggs (10 eggs) - 227 yen   Apples (1 kg) - 847 yen   Cabbage (1 kg) - 146 yen   Carbonated drink (1 liter) - 195 yen   Hamburger - 300 yen   Wine - the price of a bottle of wine at a restaurant can start at ¥2000 (about $20) and go up depending on the wine selection.  Starbucks – a latte or similar drink from Starbucks can cost around 500-700 yen (about 5-7 USD). Cakes- the cost of cakes can vary, but generally you can find options in the range of 300-1000 yen (about 3-10 USD). Restaurants - the cost of a meal at a restaurant can vary considerably, starting from ¥1000 and up, depending on the location and type of restaurant.  Cocktail - The cost of a cocktail in a bar or club can start from 1000 yen upwards (about 10 USD).  Beer - A beer in a bar or restaurant can cost between 500 and 1000 yen (about 5-10 USD), depending on the location and the type of beer.


Gasoline (1 liter) - 175.2 yen   Taxi (4 km) - 1,519 yen  Bullet Train (Shinkansen) - Shinkansen train ticket prices can vary by distance and class, starting at a few thousand yen Two hours with the bullet train costs around 10000 yen.  Normal bus - a city bus ride can cost around 200-500 yen depending on the distance.  Train - local train ticket can cost around 200-500 yen depending on the distance and type of train.


Toilet paper (1,000 m) - 695 yen  Dish soap - 200 to 500 yen  Laundry detergent - 500 to1,500   Fabric softener: 500 to 1,000 yen  Toothpaste - 200 to 800   Soap or body wash - 300 to 1,000 yen  Shampoo and conditioner - 300 to 1,500 yen  Hair cut - 3,658 yen  Phone subscription - the cost of a mobile phone subscription can start from around ¥5,000 per month or more, depending on the plan and mobile operator.  In my case, most of the meetings with colleagues have involved invitations to restaurants, bars, attractions, and activities such as parties or more relaxing ones like spa visits. Moreover, I've noticed that these are the top preferences among young professionals. this scenario, I would say that prices gradually increase compared to other countries, especially in Tokyo. Furthermore, the Shinkansen (bullet train) in Japan can be more expensive than a plane ticket in Asia. In the following price list, I will present the cost of less essential activities but desired by many of us. 


Swimming Pool: The price of entry to a public swimming pool can range from 500 to 2000 yen (about 5-20 USD).  Bowling: A bowling session for one person can cost between ¥500 and ¥1,500 (about $5-$15).  Club Entry: The price of entering a club can range from ¥1000 to ¥5000 (approximately $10-$50), depending on the location and event. Disneyland: Ticket prices for Tokyo Disneyland can vary, and an adult admission ticket can start at around ¥7,500 for half a day (about $75).  Hotel: Hotel prices vary considerably depending on the quality, location and facilities offered. A night at an average quality hotel can start at about 10,000 yen (about $100). Onsen: The cost of access to an onsen (traditional Japanese hot spring bath) can be around 1000-2000 yen (about 10-20 USD). Spa: Prices for spa services can vary significantly, starting at around ¥5,000 (about $50) for a basic massage. A day of skiing: The cost of a day of skiing can range from 5,000 to 10,000 yen or even more, depending on the ski resort and the facilities offered. Yoga Membership: Prices for yoga class memberships can start at around ¥10,000 per month, but may vary depending on location and facilities. Gym membership: A monthly gym membership can cost anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 yen or more, depending on location and facilities. Wrestling Membership: Prices for wrestling class memberships can vary, starting at ¥5,000 per month or more. Tennis: The cost to rent a tennis court or take a 60 minute lessons can range from ¥1,000 to ¥5,000, depending on location and facilities. Sky Tree Entrance: Ticket price for Tokyo Skytree can start from around ¥2,000 or more. Capybara Cafe: The cost of eating at such a place can vary, but can start at a few hundred yen. Zoo: Zoo admission prices can vary, but are generally in the 500-2,000 yen range. Ice Skating: The cost to ice skate can vary between 1,000 and 3,000 yen depending on the location and facilities.   Source: 2021 Lifestyle Survey of Privately-Financed International Students (JASSO)    cost of living japan