Golden Week in Japan

Origins of Golden Week

While many countries anticipate the arrival of the summer vacation season, in Japan they are waiting for their short holiday break, called Golden Week. But why is it called Golden Week? The term originated in 1951 when a major movie company, Daiei, experienced record-breaking box office success during this period. Inspired by the radio industry phrase "Golden Time," the company's managing director coined the term "Golden Week" to signify this prosperous period.

The Holidays of Golden Week

Golden Week comprises four national holidays packed into a single week, allowing Japanese people to rest, travel, and celebrate.
  1. Showa Day (29th of April): This holiday commemorates the birthday of Emperor Showa, who reigned from 1926 to 1989, encouraging reflection on Japan's history during his reign and the country's rebuilding efforts.
  2. Constitution Memorial Day (May 3rd): Honoring the constitution of Japan, effective since May 3rd, 1947, this day prompts people to reflect on Japanese history and democracy.
  3. Greenery Day (May 4th): Originally celebrated on April 29th, it was moved to May 4th to coincide with Emperor Showa's reign. On this day, people appreciate nature and the environment, often engaging in outdoor activities.
  4. Children’s Day (May 5th): Known as kodomo no hi, this day celebrates the well-being and happiness of children in Japan. Traditional sweets like kashiwa-mochi and chimaki are enjoyed on this day.
Living the Golden Week Experience as an Intern in Japan For interns in Japan, Golden Week offers a unique experience to immerse themselves in the country's culture and traditions. Many companies give their employees time off during Golden Week, allowing interns to explore Japan or participate in local festivities. Interns may choose to travel to different parts of Japan to witness the beauty of spring and the celebrations that accompany Golden Week. Whether it's visiting historical sites, enjoying traditional performances, or indulging in local cuisine, Golden Week provides interns with a chance to create lasting memories. Moreover, Golden Week can also be a time for interns to reflect on their experiences in Japan so far. It offers a moment to appreciate the country's rich history and the warmth of its people, while also contemplating the learnings and growth achieved during the internship. Overall, experiencing Golden Week as an intern in Japan is not just about enjoying the holidays but also about embracing the culture and spirit of unity that define this special time of year.