Online Japanese lessons now available!

With the global COVID-19 situation, you may feel like you are unable to experience the world around you. Well, we are happy to tell you that you don`t have to be in Japan to learn the language! We now have online Japanese lessons to offer for you. Along with going on to exploring the world of online internships and potentially finding your dream job in Japan, it also helps to learn the language. Though travelling right now is not possible, why not give yourself a head-start and learn the language online? If you want an environment where teachers see you not as a class, but as a class of individuals and if you like lessons tailored to your needs where the proven quality can be felt from the first minute, then jump in, and you can expect the following:

They are good, like very good!

Our partner school is government accredited school. Besides, it is one of only two Japanese schools in the world accredited by the International Association of Language Centers. They are also proud to be the first Japanese school to win the the Study Travel industry award three times in 2017, 2018 and 2019. It is n equivalent of the Oscars! Awards are just that, awards, but they are earned through dedication to students all over the world. With their lessons under your belt and an online internship you are set for success!

Online Japanese lessons to study through the year:

Online Japanese lessons start almost every single Monday of the year! Even if you have not studied the language, you can start on every 1st Monday of any given month through the year. In summer it is 1st and 3rd Mondays during June, July and August. This ensures that there bound to be a class suited to your level of Japanese. Whether you need to build upon your basic knowledge or polish what you have studied previously, there is a class for you!

 Fully Qualified Teaching staff:

All of the teachers graduate the 420-hour Japanese teacher training program at a recognized study institution. Or they have a degree in teaching Japanese as a foreign language. This means that if you have any questions about the Japanese language, no matter how obscure, you are sure to get an answer. Since working environment involves communication, learn the language first is the best choice if you want to succeed in Japan! To find out more about the course details and available levels please contact us or have a look here.