Robotics Engineer for use in JAXA Space Program

"This is a great country to do an internship in. There are always lots of things to do!"
Mario M.

Company Industry





Internship Code

Engineering for robots to be used in space



Self Introduction

“There were a lot of great moments, for example, when something on my project finally would work ok, I would get excited or motivated to keep going. A lot of times things didn’t work out, so you need to keep going over it until finally it works, and when it works it’s kind of like, “oh できた!” (We did it!). This pushes you to keep going, and when you get to the end stages it’s really rewarding. I came from zero to now, getting closer to my goal.

If this is your first time in Japan, enjoy it! This is a great country to do an internship in. There are lot of things to do and you can enjoy your internship. You can also visit a lot of places and explore. I think Japanese culture is one to really get into, so just enjoy it and be open-minded. It’s fine to be scared about things because you know it’s a different country, so it may not be what you’re used to, but just keep going and don’t give up!”


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