International Trade and Logistics Company

"I got exactly what I was looking for"
Indrajit M.

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Marketing logistics



Self Introduction

I was working with a vast amount of data, and sometimes there were challenges along the way and it was not very clear what I was dealing with. I had to organize it and to play around with some formulas. I’d say this was challenging initially, since when you see something that is really big and that involves a lot of numbers you get a little scared, but then over time you realize that you just need to see the logic of it and you have to go slow. There were times when I had to work a little faster, but mostly they let me work in my own pace to be able to deal with these complexities, so I really liked the experience.


I think ICC did a great job because I got exactly what I was looking for. I told ICC that I wanted certain things and I basically got an experience which was very much relevant to my degree and my interests. I got something which was more relevant to my degree than my previous summer internship, which was also good, but I would say that this is more consistent with what I’m looking for, so I’m really happy with ICC.

At least for some future interns, this internship, the city or maybe the different culture initially may be a little challenging or demanding, but I just tell them not to get scared or confused or bewildered, because they will be able to adapt to it since the people here are so friendly.


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