Marketing Specialist at one of the biggest WiFi Router Companies.

“I was one of the lucky ones to get hired directly because of the internship. I hope to work and live here for many years to come and advance within the company.”
Angelo W.

Company Industry

Tech Company




Internship Code

Marketing Specialist



Self Introduction

Tokyo is similar to New York City, lots of people wherever you go and skyscrapers around. I have gotten used to living in Tokyo now, and I have a better understanding of the city in terms of how it is laid out. The complex train system makes a lot more sense too. Way of life here is definitely fast paced, and it is important to find time alone in a big city like this.

At my internship I had a great relationship with my mentor and co-workers. Everyone was very welcoming of me into the company. We would go out for dinner after work and build those important relationships needed to work in any company.

My share-house friends were interested in the same things as me, like traveling, eating, and going out with friends. As for the activities we did together, we played sports on a weekly basis and sometimes would do some sightseeing together.

My advice would be:
Come here with an open mind and embrace the differences within the culture. Japan is very different from most other places in the world, but this offers a different perspective on everything.


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