Software Engineering in a Game Company

"I feel like I was able to contribute a lot to the game that we were working on"
Rob W.

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Game Design



Self Introduction

I studied here last summer and I really liked it, so I decided to return for another summer to gain some work experience. I might be interested in working here in the future so I thought it’d be valuable to do an internship. I was at a language learning game company, working on api’s written in Java for mobile games.

I did not use much Japanese in the company, but quite often outside of it, basically when ordering food or when absolutely necessary. I only knew the minimum, like enough to scrape by sometimes. However it’s good that actually I learned some more Japanese and my level got a little bit better.

I feel like I was able to contribute a lot to the game that we were working on, and helped push the progress forwards on that. I gained experience working in an office environment that I hadn’t had before, and I was able to see the work of colleagues like how they were doing it. I was also able to sort of analyze and understand their model and base my work on that.


What is your career goal and how did this internship help get you closer?

I want to work as a software engineer in this industry, so I think I definitely gained some experience and was able to see what that would be like. Now I can affirm that this is something that I want to do in the future.

I was able to write code and practice my coding and software skills, and I think I learned a lot about some of the different tools that they use here at the office. I was also able to improve my familiarity with Java code so definitely I learned a lot about how is the ideal way to do this.


Any advice for other Interns?

I’d say just keep your mind open, and be ready to learn a lot. Just try as many things you can, since there is so much to do here!


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