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Our Group Programs

Our Internship in Japan Group Programs are fully structured, inclusive, professional training course for groups of young Professionals.

Our group programs include all you need for the ultimate professional immersion experience. You will meet new people, face new challenges, enjoy Japan, experience cultural differences and get invaluable professional work experience.


We offer 2 customized Internship in Japan Group Programs. Do you want to take the most from the learning experience and be side by side with other fellow interns? Then our Kanzen Programs are for you. Choose the Seasonal Group Programs  if  you want to get a quality internship abroad + ultimate support package and extra activities.

And if you want to stay for longer than 2 months suggested, just let us know and we will arrange an extension for you. Go with the  Short-Term Study Tour if you want to learn about business in Japan and explore Japanese culture, work in Japan, get the opportunity to meet with professionals. This program is open for high-school students. 

1. Seasonal Group Program

2 months

IIJ - Group Program - Seasonal icon

Your Full Immersion Experience in Japan

The Seasonal Program is aimed at those who want to challenge themselves and explore your international future.
Customized internship experience, Japanese language learning, career development and exciting field trips are main features for this program. After completing this internship course you will have: Understanding of Japanese business culture, work experience for your professional growth and your resume, practical knowledge about how to find a job in Japan, job interview skills, professional network and maybe even a job!


Application Fee

¥ 55,000

Program Fee

¥ 594,900

2. Short-term study tour

14 days

Internship Business Seminar

Intensive Professional and Cultural Program

Short-term study program is designed for high-school students and young people who are interested in Japanese culture, business, politics, Japanese language etc. You will visit Japanese companies to learn about different industries. You will see how traditional Japan exists side by side with modern technologies. You will have 14 unforgettable days of exploring.


Registration Fee

¥ 55,000

Program Fee

¥ 413,600

Let's compare our Internship in Japan Group Programs

Seasonal Group Program

2 months
  • ✔ All what is included in the Individual program (Mirai program)
  • ✔ 4 times a year
  • ✔ 1 week Japanese course
  • ✔ 7 weeks customized internship placement
  • ✔ Accommodation
  • ✔ Business Seminar
  • ✔ 2 field trips
Internship Business Seminar

Short-term study tour

12 days
  • ✔ Unique program content to learn about business in Japan
  • ✔ June 26 – July 9th 2020
  • ✔ Lectures on Japanese Politics, Economics, Culture etc.
  • ✔ Visits to Japanese companies
  • ✔ Accommodation and lunches
  • ✔ Japanese language lessons
  • ✔ 3 field trips including 1 to Tokyo Disneyland
  • ✔ Workshops and seminars


A Few simple steps to begin your internship in Japan with our Group Programs

1. Consultation

Let`s have a friendly talk first to discuss the internship goals and opportunities

2. Application

Sign up for our exciting internship program

3. Placement

Confirm your internship from our network of great host companies

4. Pre-Japan

We help you with the accommodation, visa and prepare for the start of your adventure in Japan

5. Japan

Welcome to Japan! Your team of experts will conduct the business training and provide 24/7 support

6. Post-Graduation

Join our alumni network!