Full professional training Program

Prove yourself with an internship in a real company in Japan, succeed and gain experience for your future

Flexi-time. You Decide

Can be done from anywhere in your home and along side any other studies or work

Real world Experience

Work closely with your international business mentors and complete authentic professional assignment.

Remote Internship in Japan

Your flexible Remote Internship Opportunity. Get experience in the day-to-day life and process of an authentic company in Japan, all from the convenience of your own house. Join the team, build your network and test your skills while you learn side-by-side with a team right here in Japan

Program details

Flexible starting date:

Flexible starting date:
Duration: 3 weeks 12 weeks
All industries covered

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What is included in your RIIJ?

Online Training

Our remote internship programs include our popular online training seminars, an exciting and professional look into the global business environment. Our expert team has conducted training seminars to hundreds of young professionals around the world looking for the edge. We provide high level training for all areas you need. International Business, Career Development, Japanese Business culture etc.


Tim, USA

It was definitely a struggle, but everyone (both in the company and at Internship in Japan) were incredibly supportive and friendly. It was an incredible opportunity and I learned so much.

Paola, England

I have been able to get exactly what I was looking for and reach my goals. I would do this again with no doubt. I am very grateful for all I have received and learned thanks to this opportunity.

Nick, USA

I gained invaluable work experience and mentorship. Even after completing the program, I've still been in contact with my host company. I'm hoping to present our research at a conference and possibly work together again in the future!

Internship Project
Language Development
Professional Coaching
Live Training Seminar



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Online preparation seminar before your start of your internship,

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