Internship Summer in Japan has started!

Last weekend we had our first internship summer event. We were very happy to finally see a group of our students and interns in person. It was a hot day (unusually hot for the season!), but it was great to spend it together.

Our first stop was Asakusa, a Tokyo district known for the Sensoji Temple, the oldest one in Tokyo. It is also an area where you can feel the atmosphere of the past. Interns walked through the shopping street full of traditional and local snacks. They visited the temple and learnt how to pray at the Buddhist temple as well as why and when local people visit there.

Then, we had lunch in a traditional restaurant near the Sumida River. After eating soba (Japanese traditional buckwheat noodle) and of course rice (with tempura, fish, chicken), everyone was happy to relax and talk about their stay in Japan.

With Covid restrictions in place, it was not possible to freely meet with each other for quite a long time. And the entry to Japan was completely closed for a while. That is why meeting and talking with each other in person now in Japan is the opportunity many interns and students here were looking forward to for a long time.

In-person events have always been a part of Internship in Japan Program. It is a great chance to meet with each other, make new friends, expend the network, talk and discuss various joys and concerns.

Then, the last stop of the day was Odaiba, a man-made area with the famous statue of Gundam and numerous shopping malls. It is a popular destination for young people in Tokyo. The views of Tokyo Bay are beautiful. There are museums and amusement parks, cinemas, a beach and different kind of restaurants.

We hope to see everyone at our next event too. Enjoy your internship summer!