Welcome to our new website!

Let’s be honest, the old website started showing its age…

We have thought for a long time about changing the website. We could have done it sooner, we could have done a more impressive website, but we decided to focus on YOU first instead of putting time in marketing.

We hope you enjoy this new website, that it will bring you all the information you are looking for in a format that is easy to read and understand.

We know we are not perfect so do not hesitate to send us your feedback and ask for more features or information! And if you see something missing, please give us a bit more time, we have so many testimonials from participants, so many things we want to tell you that it will take a bit of time to put everything on the site!

We will regularly update this blog with information, news, promotions and anything we believe is important for you.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for those years of trust and we are looking forward to many more years of success stories with you!

The Internship in Japan team