How the Work and Study Program helps you to land a full-time job in Japan?

In March 2022 Japan has finally opened the borders for international students. Great news after 2 years of the pandemic! And with that we resumed our Work and Study Program. In brief, when joining this program, you will study Japanese language at a Japanese language school and work part-time during your free time. The duration of the program starts from 6 months, but 1 year is the most popular course duration among those who want to master Japanese and find a job here.


Being able to speak the local language (Japanese) gives you a great advantage in getting a full-time job in Japan. It means that studying the language is a very important step in building up your career here.  The Work and Study program offers the opportunity to learn from accredited teachers at major schools in Tokyo area and beyond.


Along with studying, you will be working part-time in a company. Whether you are an aspiring engineer or a business analyst we will try to find a company which best fits your future career goals. You will be working around 15 – 20 hours/week and be fully immersed into Japanese culture. The work experience you get will help you to showcase yourself for future employers in Japan. Or maybe even get hired by a company of your part-time job.


The Work and Study program fits you perfectly if:


  • You are expected to graduate a university soon or have graduated it recently
  • Want to live and work in Japan
  • Have an interest in learning Japanese language
  • Are looking for a long-term internship or job in Japan
  • Open-minded and ready for challenges


Finally, here at Internship in Japan we understand that every case it different. That is why one of our dedicated consultants will speak with you first to discuss the details and give personalized advice. Find out if the Work and Study in Japan is for you by contacting us.