Your Future; Your Choice

    Your Future; Your Choice

The World’s Number One Internship Program


Individual Program is the signature program and the first Internship Program of its kind launched in Japan (2011). Since then it remains the most popular among our interns.

The attractive points of this program are its:

-FLEXIBILITY (you can start anytime and select your preferred duration),
-FULL SUPPORT (starting from the first consultation your counselor will be providing you with career support, professional advice, visa and accommodation support, etc.), and the
-CUSTOM INTERNSHIP which will suit your career goals, be matched with your educational background and good for credits.


The Internship Is What You Are Looking For


The Individual Program is good for young professionals who want to build a future in Japan, students who want to earn university credits while exploring the world, young graduates who are looking for professional opportunities in Japan that will prove you are a Global Leader.
Therefore, because of its flexibility, the program can be adjusted to your needs perfectly.

Included in the Individual Program:

Guaranteed internship placement

Japan Business Training Orientation

24/7 Health/Accident Insurance and Support

Valuable Certification upon Graduating

Work Training

Flexible Dates

Deep Cultural and Linguistic Development

Professional Network

Cultural/networking events

Visa Support

Accommodation Support

Career Advice

University Credit Eligibility

Why the Individual program is perfect for you?


        • Upon acceptance into our program Internship Placement is 100% guaranteed by our team. In addition, your internship experience in Japan is Fully Customizable based on on your interests and skills in any industry. Moreover, you choose the dates and the duration.
        • We provide Health & Accident Insurance and full 24H Total Support. Therefore, you will be covered by our complete insurance during your stay in Japan. You will also have total support from our side for any problem that may occur during your internship, life in Japan, advice, job hunting support, or anything else you need assistance in. Feel safe with your experienced team here in Japan
        • With this program you can experience our Cultural & Networking Events: Monthly free events with other interns in the group, from weekend trips, amusement parks or professional networking events. In other words, by joining our Individual Internship Program you will have the chance to make international friends and build your global network.
        • We provide Work Training & Orientations Services: Your personal consultant will meet regularly on Skype in order to coordinate your internship, meeting with your chosen internship locations and to help prepare before leaving on your adventure to Japan. Above all, we want you to make sure you are excited for your professional internship and to conduct a full Japanese business culture Seminar in our Tokyo Office on arrival.
        • Last but not least we provide full Support Visa documentation in case it is required. We will also help you to coordinate many suitable accommodation options in Japan after your internship has been confirmed. Finally, upon graduation, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion which you will be able to use for your future.


The Individual Program fees are adjusted to the duration of your internship.

Your personal consultation with our friendly team is completely free. Here we learn about your dream experience and advise the best opportunities for you. When you choose to apply, the Application fee will be sent. Working closely with your consultant during, you will be meeting your chosen Internship locations. Finally, upon confirming your dream internship, the Program fee will be requested.

*Ask your counselor about possible discounts and scholarship opportunities!

Application Fee

$ 550

Program Fee

$ 2,600
  • 3-4 weeks: $2,600
  • 5-8 weeks: $2,900
  • 9-12 weeks: $3,300
  • 13-16 weeks: $3,700
  • 17-20 weeks: $4,000
  • 21-24 weeks: $4,300



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